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Faultless Elegance of Noblige and Fragrant Symphony of Patchouliful by Laboratorio Olfattivo

Noblige Noblige means “aristocratic duty”, it is unusual, immediately casting a spell over you. The cloud of citrus is getting light due to the combination of powdery notes and precious components that are dissolved in flowery sophisticated heart: ambrette seeds, iris and lavender with ethereal neroli. Unmistakable elegance, whispered and elusive. White colour, lightness and eternity. The search of ethereal perfection. All these features are called Noblige. Ethereal and at the same time citrusy breeze with powdery notes. Flawless lavandin harmoniously dissolves the top notes finding the way to the flowery heart of lavender, iris and neroli kept by the seed of ambrette. Modest elegance brightly radiated by the sensual base notes. Unpredictable excitement: light charm of sensuality. Family: musky, citrusy, flowery Top notes: citrus, bergamot, lavandin Heart notes: lavender, iris, neroli, ambrette Base notes: vanilla, iris, wood, Tonka beans, white musk Perfumer: Marie Duchene Patchouliful The king is sitting on his throne, with gray hair and beard, crown on his head, wearing a variegated shirt, pareu and slippers. It is simply “Patchouliful” which according to Urban Dictionary means “more than beautiful”; royal patchouli, brightly eradiating hippie spirit, however different, less earthy; in Laboratorio Olfattivo style. Patchouliful is the fragrance in constant evolution, in constant movement where patchouli heart wounded by iris and flowers of red jasmine is enlighted first by the bright top notes of bergamot, cinnamon and carnation; then it is placed on musk, cedar wood and cistus. Aromatic symphony in which every ingredient is a separate instrument making its contribution in common business taking its special place. The fragrance that does not lose its face but can be changed with the help of unforgettable notes. Family: spicy, woody Top notes: bergamot, cinnamon essence, carnation essence Heart notes: patchouli essence, red jasmine, iris absolue Base notes: cistus essence, cedar essence, musk Perfumer: Cécile Zarokian



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