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“Burns of the Real”. Perfume Tasting for the Exposition.

Flamy heat destroyed everything old giving the way to the new! Hot haute perfumes tasting that took place 29th October was dedicated to the project of Roman Mykhailov “The Burns of the Real”. This project is exposed at parfum büro Gallery from 30 October to 29 November. Seven olfactory compositions that have been conceptually selected for the new expositions were revealed one by one in the presence of spiritual immaterial coauthors of the project “Burns of the Real” – fire. Ukrainian artist Roman Mykhailov applies his original technique – he creates the pictures on the surface of paper using the language of fire. The project “Burns of the Real” is a series of minimalistic works. Some of them have had a slight touch of fire, and practically the whole surface has remained untouched. On the others picturesque images made by the clouds of the thick smoke have chaotically taken the whole surface. It is really symbolic that the burnt paper has a subtle specific fragrance the understanding of which as well as of a multi-sided perfume is very close to the refined personality. The research topic of Roman is creation by means of destruction. He discussed the art as the instrument for the society cultural potential development. The artist attracts the views attention to the fact that the traditions, national folklore and other features of the ethnos dominate over the new initiating identity and in many ways make obstacles for it development. Roman uses paper as the symbol of chronicle, ancient manuscript. He cruelly burns it to get free of the chains of the material side, canons and traditions. During the tasting there were born bright symbolic images, new ideas. It was hot, sincere, interesting .. Fragrance menu of the tasting: 1. Miller et Bertaux «Om» 2. The Different Company «Une Nuit Magnetik» 3. Histoires de Parfums « Edition rare Petroleum» 4. Jovoy «La Liturgie des Heures» 5. I love New York by Bond №9 “for All” 6. Perris Monte Carlo «Oud Imperial» 7. Laboratorio Olfattivo “Cozumel”



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