Le 15

Limited Edition «Incense and Myrrh facets on a sacred wood structure, the Palo Santo, a mystical composition that captivates just like the shaman’s poem, an ode to the Eternal rooted in a sensual and powerful scent.» Luc GABRIEL «Nutmeg and Calabre Bergamot in order to bring its freshness and contrast. The precious Musk welcomes the woody composition of the note for more comfort and sensuality.» Alexandra MONET The Palo Santo is a South American magical wood, devoted to medicinal purposes but also for its spiritual properties. It has remarkable qualities ; relaxing and antioxidant. Used as incense, the Palo Santo wards off evil. Mystic, sensual and eternal. Perfumer : Alexandra Monet Woody — Spicy Head Notes: Bergamot, Petitgrain, Nutmeg Heart Notes: Palo Santo Accords, Cedar, Hedione Base Notes: Incense, Myrrh, Musks Story An Extrait de Parfum to go back to the roots of Perfumery. A Limited Edition of 1 500 silkscreen printed bottles. With Le 15 The Different Company tradition to brings a new perspective to an millenium old art and give you an infinite pleasure with a touch of elegance. To go further The Palo Santo A South American magic wood, the Palo Santo was used by the Incas for its power. It has many remarkable qualities: relaxing, antioxidant but also spiritual properties, todays, the South Americans, and particularly the Peruvians are devoted to it and use it for medicinal purposes. Used as incense, the Palo Santo wards off evil, it is a « soul tree revealed when burnt » sings the Peruvian singer Olga Milla. This divine tree grows in dry earth, which give it its power, but it needs more than two years, laying down on the ground, to fully release its properties. The tradition requires to not cut the tree and let it die and fell down. Todays in South America, espacially in Ecuador, it is forbiden to cut a Palo Santo tree which is a protected species. The Palo Santo releases a woody ambered, resinous and spicy perfume, softens by fresh floral notes. A selection of the best natural ingredients Alexandra has carefully chosen Bergamot, Petit Grain, Nutmeg, Atlas Cedar, Gaïac wood, Vétiver, Incense, Myrrh, and Cistus for Le 15. The Perfumer Alexandra Monet Enthusiastic and spontaneous, Alexandra has a sensitivity that allows her to put in perfume her emotions. She enjoys the gourmet styles and the vibrant notes. After studying at the ISIPCA, she works at DROM. In 2013 she creates candles for our Home Fragrance Collection. Alexandra has collaborated with Luc Gabriel to compose limited edition extrait de parfum, Le 15. Her Portrait How did you find your passion for this profession? My sense of smell has always titillated me more than all other senses. I rapidly wanted to transform this ‘‘tickle’’ into a profession. What is your olfactive universe? I like playing with edible notes and I am love musky clean notes, that evokes freshly washed linen. If you were a raw material? Without hesitation, Patchouli. This is a unique and magical raw material, a vibrant essence that lives as soon as I put it on my skin. If you were a quality? Impertinence. If you were a colour? Black. Maybe white, but certainly not grey! If you were a Star? Audrey Hepburn. If you were a place? A big city, at night time.



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