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EAT, SMELL, FEEL: Bermuda Triangle of Eternal Values

25th October after the sunset instead of sinking into the evening calmness the art-district Vozdvizhenskiy started to be filled with the sophisticatedly dressed people who were moving among three locations. This unusual evening was conducted in the form of quest and was dedicated to the presentation of two new brands of haute perfumery Atelier des Ors and Moresque Parfum in collaboration with opening of the exhibition of a famous Ukrainian artist, the author of psychodarvinism conception – Illya Chichkan and featuring the space of a future restaurant “Vazhnaya Ptitsa”. The guests were offered to be subordinated to the pragmatics of eternal values in the center of which the money was dominating. SMELL parfum büro Gallery welcomed all visitors with the feast of olfactive perception. Two new brands Atelier Des Ors and Moresque Parfum presented their unbelievably beautiful fragrances. In order to introduce their creations to Ukrainian audience we were visited by:
  • Atelier des Ors brand author Jean-Philippe Clermont
  • the representative of Moresque Parfum  Perfume House – Anastasia Sheveleva
Music accompaniment was provided by DJ Vlan Fisun. A pleasant addition of the evening was Prosecco with golden flakes.  ATELIER DES ORS is a new embodiment of the French art of haute perfumery. Gold and fragrances are the two basic components of the brand. For a long time these two factors were associated with the divine nature symbolizing power and wealth. Like gold, fragrances have been associated with the divine as well. Moreover, they have pictured the ideal and search for absolute values. That’s what Atelier des Ors strives for in their fragrances. MORESQUE PARFUMS is a new luxurious and elegant perfumery House. Their founders give the tribute to the rich heritage of Arabian perfumery art and culture. At the same time Moresque Parfum places the accent on the creativity and quality that are traditional for Italian fragrances. The brand offers the collection of unique modern fragrances that embody “Oriental Memories” in combination with Italian craftsmanship, design and taste. Dmitrit Slesariev, parfum büro founder: “Recently in parfum büro Gallery we have started a new olfactive program “Oriental Lounge” dedicated to deep and bright oriental fragrances. It was harmoniously enriched with two new brands Moresque Parfum and Atelier des Ors. Their fragrances belong to oriental direction”.   FEEL In the atelier of Chichkan the guests were offered to get acquainted with the new author’s exposition dedicated to the evolution and degradation of money units. “There is something wrong about the idea of money. It is necessary more and more of it in order to get less and less. Money is like a drug: the dose that was enough on Monday is not sufficient on Friday”. William Seward Burroughs   All works of the artist constitute the evolution of money units through the distinct author’s style. As far as the atelier could not fit all the pictures they were in each location of the evening. Alongside with the exhibition opening in the atelier there was presented the jewelry collection ARTeFUCK’s by Masha Shubina. The author implemented her wish to raise the consumption of the iron age to the level of creativity at the golden age, highlight and glorify the images that surround us. An ordinary screw can become a piece of jewelry, a car terminal shines like gold and platinum in cooperation with clamps and yokes … EAT The third participant of the evening was the location of the future restaurant. At this site the visitors could not only see the pictures of Illya Chichkan but be treated with the delicious food, evoking one of the eternal feelings. Apart from unusually dressed staff the guests were entertained by DJ Jean Gritsfeldt raving all visitors with energy and drive.



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