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Haute Parfumerie Workshop by Cecile Zarokian at parfum büro Gallery. Announcement.

  Creating haute perfumery fragrances is magic that perfumers transform into life using their talent and professional knowledge! Fragrance masterpieces are born in the process that is always hidden behind the laboratory walls. Dedicated to the anniversary of parfum büro – the project catering for the educative mission, we present the OLFACTORY WORKSHOP by one of the most talented “noses” of modern haute perfumery CЕCILE ZAROKIAN. OLFACTORY WORKSHOP will take place 2 December 2015 at 7 pm at parfum büro Gallery. Limited number of participants. Price – 10 000 UAH To book the Olfactory workshop one can by tel: (044) 3388000 The program includes: — Speaker is a professional well-known French “nose” invited specially for parfum büro clients — The guests will personally hear from the perfumer about the secrets and peculiarities of haute perfumery creation — About 100 natural ingredients used in creating haute perfumery ordered in France for parfum büro will be used at the workshop — After the workshop every participant will have own fragrance created at the event being guided by the perfumer — Champagne and furshet — Gift voucher for the sum of 10000 UAH for every participant Perfumer Cecile Zarokian is well-known among the lovers of unusual, complicated and sophisticated perfumery. Cecile Zarokian is one of the most gifted and talented young masters of our time. Cecile Zaroian started studying medicine and biochemistry in a prestigious Institut supérieur international du parfum, de la cosmétique et de l’aromatique alimentaire — I.S.I.P.C.A. founded by Jean-Jacques Guerlain in 1970. Then she continued her education at Rebertet in Grasse known by its quality of natural ingredients where her tutor was a perfumer Daniel Maurel. Later she joined the group of a well-known perfumer Michel Almairac in Paris. So Cecile has developed her own palette of natural ingredients that she likes to work with and that allows to improve her own style. Cecile took the decision to work as an independent perfumer. Since 2011 Cecile has opened her own laboratory Cecile Zarokian Sarl where she composes fragrances for niche brands. Cecile lies to work with original projects in accordance with modern high perfumery. The fragrances created by Cecile: Amouage Epic Woman Amouage (2009) Private Label Jovoy Paris (2011) Mon Nom Est Rouge Majda Bekkali Sculptures Olfactives (2012) Pink Undergreen (2012) Kashnoir Laboratorio Olfattivo (2013) Tango by Masque Milano (2013) Nuit Andalouse MDCI Parfums (2013) Albho Suleko (2013) Baba Yaga Suleko (2013) Djelem Suleko (2013) Vy Roza Suleko (2013) Cuir Altesse David Jourquin (2014) Cuir de R’Eve David Jourquin (2014) Only For Him Hayari Parfums (2014) Aqua Sextius Jul et Mad Paris (2014) Patchouliful Laboratorio Olfattivo (2014)



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