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History Revives in HISTOIRES DE PARFUMS Fragrances

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The founder explained why he decided to write the fragrance story, how he tried to input his overwhelming emotions and connected with them historical personalities of his “perfumed library”. The collection created by Gerald Gislain is based exclusively on his inspiration. Creating his fragrances, Gerald interprets classic olfactory compositions in a new way, creating original and miraculous collections. Gerald revived mythic ancient characters having created for every of them their own fragrance. To his favorite characters – George Sand, Marquise de Sad, Casanova, Jull Verne – he added immaculate images of Mata Hari and Eugenia de Montego who have together constituted the colourful gallery. Romantic, epic, neoclassic, erotic … the choice is great … The guest told every “Perfumery story” offering the participants of the presentation to smell it and live through the emotions connected with them.



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