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I miss Violet. Collection Excessive

Floral Leather. Head Notes: Violet Leaves, Basil from Vietnam, Mandarin, Ambrette seeds, Champagne, Nutmeg Heart Notes: Osmanthus, Violet, Iris, Mimosa, Cyclamen, Ozonic Note Base Notes: Leather, Mahogany, Vanilla, Musk, Grey Amber Discover a vegetal Leather accord at the heart and the base of the sillage. Bertrand Duchaufour creates the fragrance like a sculptor and brings out green notes with the freshness of Basil and Tangerine right behind a vibrant and sparkling Champagne note and the spice of the Nutmeg, whereas Mahogany with soft aromatic Leather touch and Vanilla bring a sensual angle in the light of a extremely luxurious Musk. A scent, a flower, a name, I miss Violet evokes a fragile and subtile delicacy of emotions of a secret love… The bottle : luxury bottle designed by Thierry de Baschmakoff as a master piece. In its glamorous box, such as a precious jewel. Perfumer : Bertrand Duchaufour Sunday, 11.00 AM: «Cast off is about to come, I miss those long travels at sea! I am expected down south near Java, an isolated place that you have never heard of before. When I was about to leave, he told me «I miss you already, Violet». Then, I gave him my fragrance that I never forget. We will stay together every day, more and more….» Slowly the splendid ketch draws away, Violet, the elegant and passionate traveler at the helm. Her boat reflects her soul, warm and soft woods, amber colors and her perfume which follows her everywhere. I miss Violet in the making «We wanted to create a fragrance based on a floral leather accord, something transparent, opalescent, evoking the leather through a floral note, a green note.We wanted a very clean basis, a specific olfactory construction, with the leather note glowing from the top to the base, supported with amber and muscs as well. The fragrance is based on a violet leaves accord , which contains a subtle vegetal leather note. Luc Gabriel was really seduced. We worked (and reworked) for 3 years on it, pushing the frothy floral lightness. The cosmetic powdery effects of violet are simply fascinating, it inspired great perfumes like «Mitsouko» or «Après l’Ondée». In some way , «I miss Violet» is a modern tribute to them.To obtain this nubuck sensation, we had to get rid of the retro style of violet and keep the slightly fruity notes, like a peach velvet. Usually you don’t smell the leather in the top or middle notes, but in the base one, and it can be steady… so on the contrary carving the vegetal floral edge of violet blows it like a breath…» Bertrand Duchaufour, February 2015.  



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