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parfum büro Gallery Expert Style Choice

Since recently parfum büro Gallery that is located in the heart of the art district Vozdvyzhenka has become the place where all our friends and random visitors are welcome. We hope that the atmosphere that we have created with love, carefully thinking over every detail will evoke the feeling to come to us again and again. However there is no limit to perfection, as it is known, one is met by the outfit he or she is wearing 🙂 We have decided to implement our idea – create a unique image of the expert of our Gallery. For this dedicated to parfum büro project birthday Ukrainian designers created capsule fashion collections that were introduced during the first anniversary celebration. The designers of young Ukrainian brands ViGiO, SHUSHAN and FINCH took part in images designing.
Galina Vilgota
ViGiO ViGiO is a designer brand of female fashion. Using natural textiles, pithiness of fit, delicate processing and own freedom of philosophy are the key issues of the brand ViGiO basics. ViGiO brand showed the collection of dresses that precisely express the culture and concept of parfum büro. Sophisticated design and immaculate performance are the main principles of the project philosophy. The collection is made with the elements of classic strictness being based on the image of a girl with pure taste.
SHUSHAN The main message of the brand is simplicity that is delicately integrated into femininity. The designers aim is to create clothes wearing which any girl would feel comfortable but refined. The image of parfum büro Gallery expert has to be unusual but comfortable and practical at the same time: that’s the reason why the top and trousers are loosely fit. Appliqued ornaments on the top metaphorically express the multi-layering and complication of the composition of any fragrance. Triangles are the ingredients of a fragrance that being united complete each other and create a distinct image.
Katherine Biakova, Maksym Golub
FINCH FINCH is acknowleged as the best young brand of the year according to VOGUE Ukraine. It is a baby born by the couple of Maxim Golub and Kateryna Biakova. The designers are inspired by the aesthetics of the national costumes of Ukraine and East, avant-garde music and independent films. The images selected by the designers of FINCH brand for parfum büro reflect their vision of the project concept: they used thick natural flax, organza, black denim and milky cotton. The collection is characterized by multilayer style, slight game of textures and silhouette boldness at the same time.

Your opinion while selecting is the most important for us. That’s why we announce the contest for the parfum büro Gallery expert image open!

Have a look at several looks by three designer brands, those that have scored most of your votes will become the basis for the image of parfum büro Gallery expert.




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