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L’Eté de Сologne in parfum büro Gallery

Hot summer is in full swing! Long-expected but exhausting heat makes us look for the crispy freshness that we really want so much this summer. It is high time to discover a completely new world of classic but undoubtedly trendy and modern cologne fragrances and plunge into their miraculous freshness within the program L’Été de Сologne that takes place this summer in parfum büro Gallery. Unfortunately the fragrance that was liked so much by Napoleon, Johann Goethe and Richard Vagner as well as a number of outstanding historic personalities was undeservingly leveled down in post-soviet area because of a number of sociocultural reasons, and its name – eau de cologne – got a neglecting flavor. IMG_6775 Modern haute parfumerie could not but pay attention to absolutely wonderful world of cologne fragrances suggesting a new. More sophisticated and subtle interpretation of the classic fragrances that were born in Cologne of 18th century – the city that gave the name to “eau de cologne” – “water from Cologne”. Modern “noses” of art perfumery took as a basis classic eau de cologne creating completely new fragrances directions? For example. Cologne absolue or L’Esprit Cologne in which the fragrances are built on the basis well-known notes of the loved by many fragrance family cologne, but unlike their predecessors they have a strong power due to exceptionally high concentration of essential oils (from 15%)/ Besides, base notes of cologne fragrances can be absolutely unexpected, discovering new facets of well-known perfumery compositions. The aim of the program L’Été de Сologne is to introduce Ukrainian connoisseurs of haute perfumery with really deep and various cologne fragrances in their totally new interpretation without neglecting their legendary predecessor – 4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser. The program L’Été de Сologne takes place in parfum büro Gallery from 21 June to 22 September offering its guests a lot of interesting and pleasant things. KOC_5779 Educational component of the program:
  • For all willing there are weekly lectures dedicated to the main ingredients of eau de cologne – bergamot, orange blossom, basil, lemon, mint, etc. The lectures are conducted on Wednesdays at 7 pm in parfum büro Gallery.
  •   For those who are not just the guests of parfum büro Gallery but our customers we conduct olfactive degustations encouraging to “dive” into the world of eau de cologne. Our degustations are the closed cameral events  in the sophisticated atmosphere. IMG_6928
Olfactive component of the program: parfum büro experts selected for their guests three categories of the fragrances for this season:
  1. Art interpretation of the fragrances in cologne style from the leading contemporary perfumery houses. We dared to choose the real “pearls” of this direction in the niche perfumery and suggest them to your judgment.
  2. The novelties of this season. The guests can expect a number of sophisticated olfactive compoositions:
Exploding novelty CECI NEST PAS UN FLACON BLEU and intoxicating kiss with the coffee fragrance FIDELIS from Histoires de Parfums Juicy cocktail of refreshing bergamot BERGAMOTE SOLEIL and a new oriental line fragrances line Collection Orient from Atelier Cologne KOC_5811 KOC_5799 Abundancy of extraordinary fragrances from Etat Libre d’Orange – mystic fragrance alter ego HERMANN A MES COTES ME PARAISSAIT UNE OMBRE; miraculous alliance, a complex union of flesh, hearts and mind in unexpected fragrance TRUE LUST RAYON VIOLET DE SES YEUX; the challenge to our senses – a terrific fragrance having a powerful sensuality, unforgettable force and miraculous might — RIEN INTENSE INCENSE, and COLOGNE fragrance pouring fresh  joy on your body; Sophisticated fragrance for the elegant and tender personality, discovering you step by step, but enchanting you forever – GIGLIO DI FIRENZE – from Pineider. Voluptuousness of great citrucy notes of bergamot and yellow mandarin enriched by green and spicy notes of calamus and neroli. Leathery drug involving its owner in a dangerous olfactive ritual, in which animalistic notes mixed with voluptuousness of tuberose turns into a wild, elegant, tender but loud at the same time, hypnotic, untamed fragrance ADJATAY from The Different Company. KOC_6356 KOC_6358
  1. The fragrances that “parfum büro recommends” to try this summer season. Having learnt the tastes of Ukrainian audience, and taking into consideration the trends of modern haute perfumery we selected the fragrances that can be tried on the connoisseurs and gourmets of haute parfumerie. Plenty of pleasant moments All guests of parfum büro Gallery are treated with fresh lemonade and invited to rest in the cosy summer garden the atmosphere of which we created at the entrance to the Gallery in the very center of the art-district Vozdvizhenka. KOC_5870 KOC_5832In the Premier Hall of the Gallery the visitors can see the olfactive installation in which there are presented the best pieces of cologne fragrances – from historic predecessors to modern art interpretations. In collaboration with Marta Holod – Ukrainian hats and accessories designer with the experimental approach to the creation of the products – there were created three unique designer hand-made hats and each of them is to be drawn among the guests of the gallery during the term of the program. KOC_5781Within the period of L’été de Сologne in parfum büro Gallery there is opened a unique engraving workshop from Atelier Cologne where with the help of a special engraving machine one can personalize a fragrance engraving a leather case. This unusual approach to fragrances personalization will be estimated by those to whom you give this wonderful gift. KOC_5806Once you visited our gallery you can’t but leave it with a number of fragrances that you liked – so tempting and inviting you’ll find summer offers from parfum büro Gallery. Don’t believe it? Find the time to visit us – you won’t regret  🙂



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