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L’Été de Сologne – the Holiday of Haute Parfumerie and Fashion

21 July in parfum büro  Gallery there took place the presentation of the program L’Été de Сologne dedicated to wonderful, light, refreshing cologne fragrances. The experts of haute perfumery told the story of eau de Cologne that was the first of the direction of fragrances and that inspired many generations of perfumers to create own “cologne” fragrances. Besides, there was prepared the surprise — introduction of the brands of haute perfumery novelties Atelier Cologne and The Different Company. Specially for this event Kiev was visited by the brands representatives. Leslie Coudreau, the representative of the Perfumery House Atelier Cologne, presented the new fragrance Bergamote Soleil from the collection “ORIGINALE” and the new collection “ORIENT” which is totally different from all previous works of the perfumery house both by the outlook and the fragrance composition. Sophie Gabriel, co-owner of the perfumery house The Different Company spoke in detail about the collection L’Esprit Cologne having shown not only fragrances but their ingredients. Besides, she produced a real sensation having presented the new fragrance ADJATAY cuir narcotique that, according to the journalists and the experts of haute parfumerie is going to become the hit of this summer. The evening part of the holiday L’Été de Сologne was made by the cruise fashion collection show by Olena Dats’. The works of the designer brought sunny and summer mood which was unanimously noticed by the event guests. Apart from the fragrance and fashion components of the party the organizers prepared the unusual offers for all participants. The evening divertissement was Cologne-bar in which all willing could treat them with the lemonade with Eau de Cologne. As it was mentioned by Dmitriy Slesariev, founder parfum büro  project and the party creator – that’s how people at Napoleon time were refreshed. The bright positive mood was provided by the DJ Vlad Fisun and traditional presents drawing prepared by parfum büro . The partners of this evening were: The Different Company, Atelier CologneWardrobe. Selected Clothes and Olena Dats’.  



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