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Playing music box Opéra by Histoires de Parfums

Opera and perfume exalt women The exceptional, captivating, stunning, passionate, charming and irresistible women who inspired Histoires de Parfums’ portraits of five divas and five sublime fragrances: 1831, 1875, 1890, 1904, 1926 Some scents like some melodies still lead in the air, intangible and yet unforgettable. Music and perfume operate with the same dazzling dynamic, they travel their notes in an ephemeral and intangible space. Beyond this analogy, Histoires de Parfums wanted to enrich his library. After the great figures of literature, this collection brings the music to enrich our repertoire. Passionate about opera, Gérald Ghislain wanted to set in perfumes this total art, which raises plural and is based on experiences for all senses. Created in the tradition of the greatest classics of perfumery, reinterpreting the large olfactory families, fragrances are contained in exceptional bottles made by a master glassmaker, locked in a music box, all accompanied by an illustrated booklet. Original molds from the 30’s Each bottle of this collection is a single object, made according to an ancestral know-how at the manufacture Waltersperger, master glassmaker that since 1902 transforms fire and stone into purity and grace. For Histoires de Parfums, Waltersperger released from its archives original molds from the 30’s : masterpieces whose Art Deco lines differ from the current trend of dean, sleek design. An extraordinary perfume in an extraordinary bottle… Playing music box To prolong the pleasure of smell and sight, Histoires de Parfums has created this music box playing the opera tune that inspired the perfume. Again, a compelling carefully oversaw the design of these cabinets painted by hand using traditional techniques. The wooden box was covered with a first layer of natural lacquer and gauze to avoid any risk of cracking. Then, using a spatula, the lacquerer coats the structure of a thick layer of natural lacquer mixed with alluvial soil. Then he repeats this up to 15 times. After drying, the structure is immersed in a bath of fresh water and polished with pumice then one last time with wax. Musical and olfactory notes captive in a precious jewel.  



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