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parfum büro had the premiere of EVODY PARFUMS

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28 January 2015 in Kiev within the framework of the recently opened interactive project parfum büro there was introduced the niche perfumery brand from Paris Evody Parfums. The aim of the project is to develop the culture of haute perfumery among the Ukrainian audience. Luxuries, sensual and sophisticated brand Evody Parfums exactly reflects the concept of the project. Founders of Evody Parfums mother and daughter Regine Droin and Cerine Vasseur personally introduced their fragrance creations to the Ukrainian audience. Communication with these refined, charming and positive ladies could not leave anybody indifferent. Creation of a fragrance gives them the greatest pleasure, and they try to write their life story into their fragrances. Maybe that’s why the fragrances cast a spell on everybody and don’t leave anybody cold. Regine Droin has put her 30-year experience in the perfumery sphere into creation this project. A great assistance was given by her daughter Cerine Vasseur who has made a great career in the sphere of niche perfumery. She has established her own training center specialized in this sphere. Perfumery line EVODY takes its name after the Asian tree L’Evodia which is known as “a tree of thousand flowers”. Evodia symbolizes a perfect beauty and richness of the fragrances captured in Evody bottles. Evody Parfums is the story of mother and daughter. Initially creation of fragrances was exceptionally personal and creation of the brand was not planed. The fragrances were created for personal needs and for people whom they love. For example, Cerine dedicated the fragrance to her husband when they got married. Later all fragrances merged into one brand – Evody. Regine Droin said about her inspiration:
  • I am mostly inspired for creating new fragrances by the combination of sensual and feminine components at the same time. You can feel them in the notes of the fragrance “De Luxe” which had appeared ten years before the brand appeared.
I like intoxicating fragrances, with deep enveloping notes that remind of eternity which lures and remains very sensual. Since early childhood Cerine Vasseur showed a great interest to perfumery preferring to spray her dolls with essential oils from the olfactory collection of Regine. Then she liked to create simple formulas diving into the secrets of perfumery. She often contradicted Regine, which was caused by her rebellious character, and desperately stood her positions. The truth is born in debating; in the debates of this family beautiful fragrances were born. Cerine Vassuer:
  • If I had to create the fragrance as the present for somebody it would be definitely for my mother. Whatever I have in my life I owe my mother.
Regine and Cerine thanked parfum büro team and its founder Dmitriy Slesariev for the possibility to communicate with Ukrainian audience and were impressed by the visit to Ukraine. The fragrance they can associate Ukraine with is sparkling and joyful, and enveloping at the same time. This is the fragrance that, according to their words, would be successful in Ukraine — the country that needs revival and joy. The event took place at the territory of the shooting pavilion, and this choice was made not by chance. The guests as if actors visualized their feelings and emotions from the fragrances Evody Parfums. Even they do not know what has come out of it. The results of this mysterious shooting will be later available at the website, at the same time there one can vote for the winner of the competition.



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