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Perfumery installation “ELEVEN WORLDS AND FOUR SENSES” from parfum büro

parfum_buro_Lucien From April 14 to May 15 in parfum büro Gallery there is exhibited the perfumery installation created within annual festival of French culture in Ukraine “French Spring”. The installation introduces an alternative version of the fragrances perception – not only the smell is involved but sight, hearing and even touch. This magic ritual is created by the group of two artists, a poetess and the duet of musicians united by parfum büro project on the basis of haute fragrances of French brands Olibere and Jacques Zolty.   parfum_buro_Alevtina Creative team: Alevtina Kakhidze, Lucien Piguard de Goubert, Miriam Dragina and the duet Mova. Miriam Dragina: “While working at the texts for parfum büro it was the first time for me that I wanted to compose with the eyes closed to concentrate all my attention, feelings and thoughts on the fragrance only. It is difficult to imagine a more creative task”. French artist Lucien de Goubert was working at the illustrations to the line OLIBERE and was impressed by every fragrance: “Escapade À Byzance is connected with women in different cultures and refers to the cosmopolite nature of Istanbul. Il Mio Segreto is kept with the strict perspective referring to early Renaissance Utopias, and Balinesque reminds of south-east Asia, that’s why the picture is connected with curls and huge water waves. Midnight Spirit depicts futuristic party with people from all over the world, and Paradise Lointains reminded me of sadness that every person feels when realizes the lost virginity, and the fact that we set off on the long trip when became adult”. olibere Jacques Zolty fragrances were created on a small quiet island Saint-Barthélemy in the Caribbean Sea. A spectator’ feelings are driven by 6 fragrances presented in the perfumery installation. They set off on the trip from the fragrances saturated with citrus notes and spices to the lulling sea breeze and ocean freshness.   Jaques Zolty OLIBERE founder – Marjorie Olibere is closely connected to the topic of cinema as she was running a TV company is Singapore for a long time. The collection presented in the installation consists of five unisex fragrances. Unusual shape of bottles reminds if a camera as if giving a hint about the cinema past of the perfume author.   Portrait-MOlibere The installation is open from 11 am to 8 pm in parfum büro Gallery. Kiev, 18, Kozhemyatskaya Str. Admission is free. lucien_Paradis Lointains



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