Photo report on the Opening of Olfactive Installation “11 Worlds and 4 Senses”

On April 13th the installation creators who were united by the project parfum büro organized the press-morning and evening private show of the olfactive exposition. Specially for this event the creators of French perfumery houses visited Kiev: Oliber Founder – Marjorie Oliber and Creative Director of Jacques Zolty – Roberto Drago. In the evening parfum büro Gallery was visited by about 200 people among whom there were Pascal Slivansky – Director of the Center for French Culture in Ukraine, Matthieu Ardin – Executive Director of the Center for French Culture in Ukraine, Mariia Kulikovskaya – sculptor, painter, Vlada Ralko – painter, Liudmila Bereznitskaya – art expert, gallerist, Inna Kirponos – actress, Vladimir Budnikov – painter, Gennadiy Popenko – actor, Dasha Tregubova – actress, Roman Zagorodniuk – composer, Irina Benderovskaya – radio host, Inessa and Viktor Fedchishin – collectors. The guests were treated with champaign, snacks, pleasant communication, as well as the lottery of the prizes from French brands of niche perfumes. The evening was accompanied by musical art-compositions from the duet Mova. parfum büro experts images were specially created for the party by Ukrainian designers FINCH. From April 14th to May 15th the Installation is Open for Free Admission from 11:00 to 20:00 in parfum büro Gallery Dmitriy Slesariev, parfum büro project Funder: It has always been interesting for me to know how 5 human receptors function and interact; I have been interested in 5 sense channels to the real world. If the information gets through one channel only, it is true but not enough. Only having the whole picture our imagination will be sufficient enough. It is similar to flat and dimensional image, as mono and stereo sound, or even quadro in our case. I was really inspired by the idea of installation. I am glad that we’ve managed to realize it.” Exposition curator, Katerina Taylor, Head of the agency “Art Management”: “Imagine you are entering the hall in the center of which there are mounted 11 cubes. Next to each one there is the funnel that gives the possibility to get acquainted with the fragrance. You put the hand inside a cube and touch the elements the essences of which are included into the fragrance pyramid – bergamot, lavender, rosemary, rose, cypress, amber, patchouli … You can’t see them, you just presuppose what your hand is touching. All the sides of the cube are decorated with the pictures and verses that appeared as the result of the authors’ acquaintance with the fragrances presented in the installation. Next to the cube there are the earphones where you can listen to the music composed under the influence of the acquaintance with the fragrance.” Magic ritual of the fragrances acquaintance was created by the creative group: painters Alevtina Kahidze and Lucien Pigeard de Gurbert, poetess Miriam Dragina and music duet Mova – Maxim Troyanov and Alexander Schekochihin based on the haute perfumerie fragrances of the French brands Olibere and Jacques Zolty. The installation is exhibited in parfum büro Gallery till 15.05 from 11:00 to 20:00 Kiev, 18, Kozhemiatskaya Str. Admission is free  



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