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The Collection of the Unique Fragrances Perris Monte Carlo in Ukraine Since Now

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We are happy to share the wonderful news: the collection of unique fragrances is in Ukraine since now. On 3rd October 2013 in the hotel Opera there was the presentation of the exclusive fragrances Musk, Patchouli, Ambre Gri, Bois d’Oud, Oud Imperial. Perris Monte Carlo fragrances are the masterpieces of the perfumery art based on the enthusiasm, love and rich experience. Family company Perris had been working in the sphere of cosmetics and beauty for 50 years – from creation, development and promotion their own products all over the world – before cooperation with many famous designers and international companies. Perris Group was founded in 1981 in Milan by Mr. Michele Perris. The headquarters of the company is located in Monte Carlo, Monaco since 1990. The company is owned by Perris family. The distinctive feature of Perris family is a family experience of work in perfumery. “Our passion and obsession by our new project is the perfumery by itself. We are carefully developing the formula of our creation giving the priority to the natural ingredients and highly qualitative raw materials,” – said Elizabeth Perris, the daughter of the family business founder, art director and co-owner of the company Perris Group at the fragrances presentation. A special interest of the journalists and other guests was evoked by the presentation of the unique raw materials used in the fragrance production.



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