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THE DIFFERENT COMPANY Collection des Rêves

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A diffusion of divine fragrances for a contemporary lifestyle. Collection des Rêves is declined under 4 conceptual scented candles: Lumière, Nuit Blanche, Songe et Apesanteur. For a cocooning atmosphere… These scented candles were created in collaboration with two new perfumers: Corinne Cachen and Alexandra Monet, and designed by Thierry de Baschmakoff. Each candle, made in France, is composed of vegetable wax so that each perfume can be expressed with correctness and balance through a round cotton wick. It is hosted in an understated glass, slightly conical, finely painted in brown (natural colour expressing the discreet luxury) and screen-printed, using a mat / shiny effect. A luxurious olfactory signature for your interior. LUMIERE CANDLE — COLLECTION DES RÊVES Like a bright reflection ruffled on your face, an opulent and passionate dream in a powdery cocoon. This serenity goes along with a sparkling Orange Blossom, sublimated by the Ylang-ylang and mellowed by sensual tones of white Musk. Floral, orange, powdery. APESANTEUR CANDLE — COLLECTION DES RÊVES A moment between awakening and sleep, a feeling of uncontrolled and astonishing lightness. The fragrance is expressed in contrast between the tenderness of the powdery Iris and the strength of a white Leather, with a twist of Musk. A scent of velvet and thrilling softness which offers a fantastic feeling. Floral, musky, iridescent. NUIT BLANCHE CANDLE — COLLECTION DES RÊVES Like a wish to stay up all night outside, cuddled up under the blanket, listening the quivering nature. A cheering moment thanks to the vanilla heat of the candle, enhanced by the profusion of the Patchouli and the gripping contrasts of woody and leathered notes. Oriental, woody, leather. SONGE CANDLE — COLLECTION DES RÊVES Head in the clouds, like wrapped in cotton and lulled by soft and flimsy tones. The Lavender reminds the dear childhood, aldehydes offer a fresh, powdered and ethereal wake along with a musky gentleness letting imagination run wild. Floral, aldehyded, musky. Burning time: about 45 hours Hints for a better use of your scented candle: — For the first combustion, let your candle burning until the entire surface is liquid. — Don’t let your candle burning more than 2 hours to keep the quality of the perfume. — Cut regularly the top of the wick before lighting. It should be about 1 cm to avoid a flame too high and a formation of smoke. — Make sure the wick is centered and vertical, after extinguishing. — Don’t place your candle in a draught.  



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